I Want To Create My Own Website – How?

Posted on: February 27, 2013
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More and more people are discovering that they want to get their products or viewpoints posted online. If you have have ever thought “I want to create my own website”, but were not sure where to start, you are certainly in good company. Most people become a little bit overwhelmed by the amount of information available when creating their own website, and easily become swayed by taking on the task. Luckily their some easy steps you can take to help get you started, and you might be surprised on how affordable it really can be. Let’s take a look at some of the common questions that arise when it comes to designing a website.

I want to create my own website, but where should I start?

I would like to answer this question with another one. What kind of website do you want to have? The reason of analyzing this question first, is due largely because there are several different types of platforms and templates you could use for your site. Are you looking for an E-commerce platform (selling products directly from your site), a personal blog, or other type of business related site? There are several different ways to get started, so creating a plan for your site’s layout ahead of time will direct you to finding the appropriate sources when it comes to the development stage of your website. Once you have established the type of site you want and/or layout you want to have, now it’s time to cover the basics.

How do I get my own web address and does it matter what I name it?

The next step, and probably most important in designing your own site is finding and registering your domain name. Does it matter what you call your site? The simple answer is YES. Why does it matter you ask? One mistake people make is by coming up with a cool name and registering it right away. Although there is nothing wrong with this, their are a few other considerations to take early on which will help you later with ranking your site. First and foremost, the shorter the name, the easier to rank. Ok, so it’s not that simple, but this is true in a number of respects. We have a variety of other posts designed to help you with ranking your pages, but we won’t cover that here. The most important part is finding a shorter, catchy URL that you want to use. There are a number of hosting sites you can use to register the name you have come up with. A few examples are Hostgator, GoDaddy, iPage, and Bluehost

Ok, I registered my domain name, now what?

If this is your website, and you are not overly familiar with HTML or web design, then I would highly recommend using a web design builder platform or make use of a WordPress theme. There are a lot of web design services out there that will charge you hundreds of dollars to get you going. Although some of these services may be beneficial, do not think that they are necessary for you to have a successful site. If you are just starting, and need a good easy web builder program to use, I highly recommend using Weebly. It doesn’t get much easier than this when it comes to creating a solid looking website fast. Pretty much all the features on Weebly are free to use, and they use a lot of social media integration, so you can get your name online pretty quick.

What are themes, and should I pay for premium ones?

StudioPress Premium WordPress ThemesGood question. Themes are the overall template of the webpages on your site. Themes come pre-assembled in a variety of colors and layouts. Whats great about using themes, is that you really don’t need to know much about HTML coding or even web design. If you are using a WordPress theme, you will be using a lot of point and click methods to getting your website up and running. Premium themes usually have a lot more features, and allow you to use better plugins and create a better overall experience for your viewers. This website uses an eleven40 Theme. If you are running a blog or a website where you want to create the least amount of work, I definitely recommend spending a little bit of money in getting a quality theme. The money is definitely worth the investment, and in the long run you will be happy you made it. StudioPress Themes are a great place to start.

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