How to setup your own Radio Show.

Posted on: November 4, 2012
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Why having a radio show /podcast is amazing for business and building your business presence.

For me it means 3 things.

1. You get to interview some amazing guests

2. You are seen as a prominent figure

3. Become a global presence

Let’s look at these point in more details

Point 1 – Amazing guests and gaining insider knowledge

If you were to ask some of the guests I’ve had on the show if you could have a chat with them about how they became successful or do what they do they would probably ask for a large fee. But ask them to come on a radio show and they are happy to talk because it then becomes a two sided affair where you will also help promote them in return for their time.

I’ve interviewed people like Marie Diamond from the film and book The Secret who works with A-List Hollywood celebrities and charges many tens of thousands of dollars for the information she was sharing but she was very happy to appear on my show.

So I was helping spread her message but in return I was learning loads.

These days with the success of my show (The Simon Jordan Radio Show), it’s very different and I have guests asking to come on my show.

I now feel in a very privileged position and because of the show have met some truly inspiring people who have also become great friends.

2. Become more prominent.

When people see or hear you interviewing high profile people you are also seen in the same light, which is great for your business profile.

People think that because you know these people you are also influential and that can really boost your business.

If you think that as I write this, my radio show is only 2 years old but I have interviewed some truly amazing and very famous people and now have friends from all over the globe who I would never in my wildest dreams ever have thought possible.

3. Become a global presence.

When I interview these high profile guests they also share the radio show / podcast link with their followers and I also always try to add them as a friend on Facebook so when the show goes live I post the link to my Facebook page and tag them which then means that the link also appears on their page and this shows their friends and contacts who I am and they can also get to hear the interview. It’s a win, win all round and everyone can benefit.


Well first of all you need the confidence to hear your own voice. So many people say, “Oh I don’t like the sound of my own voice” If you want to start a radio show then this is the first thing you need to get over.

Do your research.

Listen to other radio shows. Find hosts, which you like and see how they host their shows. What style do they have? Are they comical? Are they empathic and make their guests really feel at home and relaxed? Are they very formal and provide a newsroom style show?

Ask yourself what style of show you would like to have and what kind of guests you want.

Have a theme for the show. Is it business information or is it story telling, or interviewing certain types of guests such as finance people or authors?

Your show needs to have a theme or style so make sure you take some time to decide what you want.

What equipment you need for your radio show / podcast


Believe it or not you can spend very little on setting up your own radio show.

The basic elements you need are :-

Good quality microphone – you can search on Amazon for a Podcasting kit.

Or if you have a bit more budget buy yourself a Yeti microphone. These are excellent value but do cost a bit.

Recording/editing software.

If you own a Mac that is relatively new you will already have all the recording software you need in the form of GarageBand, which is what I use to edit the shows.

If you do own a PC you can download for free the software Audacity.

I have used this software for recording interviews on my PC laptop when I am out and about and the quality is excellent.

Voice over for your new radio show

I recommend using the website and hiring someone to record an intro and outro for your new radio show. Mine was done by a guy in the States but by using you can get a professional voice over artist to record yours for just $5 – yes you read that correctly $5.

All you need to do is write down what you want them to say and send it via the website.

For example Intro could be “welcome to the XXXXXXX show”

Outro could then be “You’ve been listening to the XXXXXXX show. If you liked it, please share it and click the Like button”

Length of time

I would recommend trying to keep to between 20-30 minutes. This is the typical time most shows are on for and they say that this is the typical amount of time most people commute to work and when a they can listen to your show if they’ve downloaded it to their mp3 player

Podcasting provider

I use a company called Podomatic to host all my podcasts.

When you have recorded your audio, you simple save it as an MP3 file and you can upload it straight to the Podomatic website.

You can give the podcast a title, a picture and also a description with key words which will make it easier to find on the search engines.

They charge a very small monthly fee and when you have setup your account you can grab your RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed and give it to your Itunes account so that your Podcast will be accessible via iTunes

Podomatic will also give you an embed code to put on your website so people can listen whilst staying on your website.

An embed code is some html or iFrame code that can added to your site.

Having your own Radio Show website

My site was created in WordPress and will be having a brand new look launching in a few months (or has already launched depending on when you read this post)

By using the embed code from Podomatic you can host all your shows on your own site and the other benefit of having the podcasts on your own site is that you can add more content such as pictures of your guests, links to their website and any other information you care to put in. This extra content will also help the search engines.

Want to be a radio host and get your name out there but don’t want the hassle of setting it all up?

If you would like to setup your own radio show but still need help then we offer a service where we can setup your site and podcasting account including linking it to itunes for.

This will include graphics, layout and the whole website in order to make you look and sound amazing and really get your name out there.

The investment for this is just ?650 / $1,020 – with a 2 payment method available to spread the costs.

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